Wind Chill 2007

WIND CHILL 2007 is a supernatural horror movie of director Gregory Jacobs. The movie was produced by British Blueprint Pictures, Steven Soderbergh’s and George Clooney joint company Section.

Cast Lists

Emily Blunt appeared as a girl

Martin Donovan appeared as Highway Patrolman             

Chelan Simmons appeared as Blonde Girl

Ned Bellamy appeared as Pickup Driver

Ashton Holmes appeared as Guy

Windchill Emily Blunt

WIND CHILL 2007 Narrative

The female student at the Pennsylvania University utilizes the campus ride allocated board to look for the ride home going to Wilmington, Delaware for the Christmas season. She joined the male student who was driving home going to Wilmington. His old car is in bad condition, with a trunk that is packed off his things as he had been kicked out from his apartment. This soon became apparent that she had been a social and arrogant. He seemed to know quite much about her, saying that they had the class together, even though she had never noticed him.

Then, they stop at one isolated gas terminal, as a girl wanted to use a bathroom. Since the girl just applied her nail pedicure, the guy offered to piggyback to the store. Whilst in the bathroom, the girl is being locked in and heard the man and the clerk spoke about how they heard her banging a door. After a girl handles to open the restroom entry door, she angrily scolded him for not assisting her. Both the man and the clerk had been left puzzled above the rant of the girl. The girl simply dismissed their responses and then proceeds to ask a man to leave. Just before they leave, a girl heard the guy asking a clerk for directions, even though he claimed to having driven a route so many times. Getting off, he soon turned off the main lane down Route 606 the lonely snow-covered lane by the wooded ravine that he claimed is the short cut. She told him to go back to the main lane, but he refused because in the former scenes, the girl whilst talking over the phone claimed that she was bored of driving the highway, hence a guy settled on driving by the scenic detour – the not so famous route 606 had been crossed, obviously roadside memorials, may be seen on both sides of the road.


When the night approaches, the headlights came towards them at the hub of the lane. The oncoming driver did not slow down, that cause the man to swerve half buried the vehicle in the snow drift. The man observed that the oncoming auto, which didn’t stop, had left no tire track in the snow. Whilst a guy walked back to a gaseous area, the girl saw the dark figure stagger beyond the car. She called out, but it ignored her. The guy returned, saying that the gas station was closed, and she did not think that he had been gone. Huddling in the auto, the guy revealed that he was watching her for quite some time. Since he did not have “the game or the line”, and although he just lived 10 minutes miles away from the campus, when he witnesses the opportunity to take her alone for the six uninterrupted hours right aft`er he saw the girl texting about a ride share in the class, he takes it. He saw an auto ride as the romantic gesture, heading him to post a notice giving the ride to Wilmington.





Writer’s Notion

This is surrealistic film, like one nightmare. It is very claustrophobic and heavy on atmosphere. The acting of these two leads is really good, particularly Blunt. Wind Chill 2007 director did his job well with the settings and the atmosphere. The tale was decent, but the viewers can find shades of the Dead end. There are also aspects of the movie that are not original. In the film you can create when the terror approaches when a song begins playing in a vehicle and like the Jeepers creeper mode. Also, most of this movie was shot in a car like Joy ride in the Penny dreadful. Its score is really good, in particular a piece at the start and in the end.

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