Wounds, 2019

The film is a psychological horror movie directed and written by director Babak Anvari, in the English language introduction. The movie is from the novella by Nathan Ballingrud, The Visible Filth.

Cast Lists

  • Armie Hammer appeared as Will               
  • Dakota Johnson appeared as Carrie                     
  • Terrence Rosemore appeared as Duane Cross       
  • Ben Sanders appeared as Jason
  • Kerry Cahill appeared as Rosie    
  • Luke Hawx appeared as Marvin
  • Jim Klock appeared as Patrick      
  • Brad William Henke appeared as Eric
  • Zazie Beetz appeared as Alicia
  • Karl Glusman appeared as Jeffrey


Will is based in New Orleans as a bartender who worked at the run-down infested cockroach bar. One night, Alicia, Jeffrey, her boyfriend, the drunken Eric, and the team of college kids entered a bar. Eric gets in the fight with the other guest that resulted in Eric to be stabbed in his cheek with the smashed bottle. These kids left a bar in panic and Will finds one of them had left the phone behind. Will went back to the house, which he allocates with his girlfriend Carrie. While checking with the phone, he takes the messages from somebody named as Garrett, who claimed that he has been afraid and that something from a “tunnel” has been following him.

In the following morning, Will awakened to find out that in the evening, Garrett has sent a phone a picture that showed the pile of bloody tooth. Carrie insisted that they phone the police. Will drop-off Carrie in school, wherein he suspected her instructor has slept with her. Then, he visits Eric. Eric’s injury is being infected, and he claimed that he’s suffering from some nightmares. Will spotted some sort of the inhuman flesh in the wound of Eric. He visited Alicia and it has been revealed that he had the crush on her that he envied Jeffrey. Going back home, Will do not discern one of those college kids subsequent him around the town. He discovered the videos and the photos on the telephone of the corpse and behead when surrounded by the cockroaches.

Carrie saw the footage and then forces Will to transmit it over to a police. She discovered the book in a photo entitled “Translation of Wounds”. Garrett was called and heard the inhuman screeching on the other part. While driving going to the place, Will spotted one of the college kid that is after him and received emails from the other member of their group, saying that he “was chosen”. Will hallucinated that the phone is turning into one cockroach creature and thrown it out of the car window, wherein it has been picked up from one of their kids. Without a phone, the police did not do anything. Alicia and Will later hanged and make out just before Alicia stops and felt guilty.

Writer’s Notion

The start of the movie was kinda good. But then suddenly, it turned into a relationship drama with the roaches. You may still not know what is with an evil’s phone or a hole thingy and with the roaches. It is just known why the film is entitled “Wounds”, because you will have a brain damage while watching it. There are times that the dialogues are bad, but the acting is a bit better, and it is not really that scary. Maybe for some people who do not like the roaches and it is really not a body horror, it is not mind-bending, and there were no demons, supernatural entity, ghosts and no reality or dream confusion.

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