You Should Have Left, 2020

The film is an American psychological horror movie of director and writer David Koepp, from the 2017 book with a similar title by Daniel Kehlmann.

Cast Lists

  • Kevin Bacon appeared as Theo Conroy
  • Lowri-Ann Richards appeared as the Tiny Woman
  • Avery Essex appeared as Ella
  • Amanda Seyfried appeared as Susanna


Theo Conroy is one retired banker who is married to the younger woman named Susanna, an actress whom he shared a daughter they named as Ella. Then one afternoon Theo attempted to visit Susanna over the set, but, he was denied of entry. While waiting for him to be allowed for the visit, he heard Susanna doing the love-making scenario and is visibly irritated. Susanna later apologized to Theo, attaching his obstruction to the misunderstanding, and she told him she had placed him on an approved list. Theo informed Susanna that their set security guard identified him; Susanna teased Theo, and told him that “they consider you as risky. Soon after, they booked their vacation in Wales, however, there is something odd about the house—then, time passes by unusually faster and they mutually encounter bad nightmares. They discovered that no one from them made their booking, but each one of them considered that the other completed it.

One evening, Ella saw a man’s shadow on the wall. In the following morning, while Theo wrote in his meditation magazine, she asked Susanna why the people dislike Theo. Then Susanna reluctantly explained that Theo’s first spouse drowned in their bathtub and then people alleged that he murdered her, though he had been acquitted at trial. When in the town for some supplies, the shopkeeper asked if he met Stetler, who had presumed by Theo as the home owner. Then, he oddly gave Theo his drafting triangle and told him to calculate the right angles, and leave Theo puzzled.

Theo wrestles with the feelings of mistrust and jealousy toward Susanna. One night while she was taking her bath, Theo checked the emails on her laptop and phone. Theo had a dream that evening and saw someone was written in the journal: “Go now. You should leave.” The following morning as he watched Ella and Susanna play outside, he texted her, and in similar time he saw Susanna look at the phone, he listens to a text vibration over the kitchen counter then locates the identical phone with the messages on its screen. Understanding that she had her secret phone, he suspected she had been cheating behind him. He confronted Susanna and she admitted to an affair together with the other actor. Theo asked her to leave that evening and she went to the town to stay in an inn.

Writer’s Notion

The movie a good film to watch and it can be enjoyed even if you are alone watching it. Kevin is always enjoyable to see drama and he acts a great job here, taking most of the movie literally on the shoulders. This cinematography is really an eye-pleasing and its music and also the atmosphere is immersive. Together with the enough run time that doesn’t get long and also tiring, the elements make it one real good combo for the movie to watch when you have no better alternative. The major issue in this movie is a dialogue and usually the script. It is really hard to say that this is one great psychological thriller whilst its dialogue is not that proper. Luckily, there isn’t that much talking in the next half of the movie, so you may enjoy a little bit with the experience of this thriller which isn’t really meant to scare you, but then to give you that overall eerie feeling.

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