You’re Next, 2011

The film is an American slasher movie edited and directed by Adam Wingard, with writer Simon Barrett. The movie plot concerns an odd family under attack of a squad of masked assailants when they had their family reunion.

Cast Lists

  • Sharni Vinson appeared as Erin  
  • Ti West appeared as Tariq
  • A. J. Bowen appeared as Crispian Davison
  • Larry Fessenden appeared as Erik Harson
  • L.C. Holt appeared as Lamb Mask/Craig 
  • Sarah Myers appeared as Kelly Davison
  • Calvin Reeder appeared as Officer Trubiano
  • Joe Swanberg appeared as Drake Davison
  • Nicholas Tucci appeared as Felix Davison
  • Barbara Crampton appeared as Aubrey Davison
  • Simon Barrett appeared as Tiger Mask/Dave
  • Wendy Glenn appeared as Zee
  • Lane Hughes appeared as Fox Mask/Tom
  • Rob Moran appeared as Paul Davison
  • Kate Lyn Sheil appeared as Talia
  • Amy Seimetz appeared as Aimee Davison


Crispian was accompanied by her boyfriend Erin, to the family reunion at the vacation house in rural Missouri. The present were Crispian’s parents, Paul and Aubrey, Drake, Crispian’s older brother and Kelly, his wife, Felix and Aimee, Crispian’s younger siblings and Zee and Tariq, their partners.

During dinner, someone fires crossbow bolts by the window, wounding Drake and murdering Tariq. The survivors discovered that their cellular phone reception were jammed. Aimee jogs outside to ask for help but then runs into the garrote wire that slices her throat that kills her. The intruder wearing the fox mask that kills Aubrey, sending off the words “you are next” using blood over the wall.

Then Erin texted 911 and looked for the weapons. Another attacker wearing a tiger mask attacked her, but then she escaped by stabbing the hand. Kelly discovered Fox Mask, panicking and flees the abode, only to be murdered by the attacker that wears the lamb mask. Crispian left the house to search for help. Then Tiger Mask attacked Erin with the axe but she killed him.

Paul locates for the sleeping bags and the food wrappers which indicated the killers had been staying inside the house for quite some time. Then Fox Mask killed him. It is revealed then that Zee and Felix hired the assassins in killing the family so that they could gather their inheritance. Then, Lamb Mask locates Tiger Mask’s dead body and then flips the feast table over in the rage. He discovered the wounded Drake hiding, and then retreats after Erin stabbed him by using the screwdriver. Erin is setting up the nail traps by a house’s entrances, elucidating to Zee that Erin grew up in the survivalist compound wherein she discovered survival skills and combat and Felix kills Drake.

Writer’s Notion

This movie does not reinvent anything; however, it confidently and consistently kept a formula well oiled, then proved to be one from the best films of its kind. The setup has been standard, the big old state house in the forest, the entire bunch of dislikable and likable people, and also some of the outside attacker about to unleash the hell with everybody in the house. Appetizingly, this is not one roll call of the pretty teenagers being slashed and stalked, this is one assorted bunch, old and young, all sizes and shapes and the family bickering that preceded the carnage is one smart move, because the moment that the members of the family started being killed there is the genuine sense of regret and grief coursing through those that yet to be diced and sliced.

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