You’re Next (2011)

yourenextThe story is all about a cluster of siblings and their importance with one another, they are assembled together to commemorate their parents 35th Year anniversary. They are all in a giant accommodation in the heart of nowhere. The siblings do not get along and are having conflicts almost right away when all of a sudden they are being attacked by men wearing a creepy animal cover outside. The whole family was trapped inside the house and their cell phones are not working and the men outside have an intention of killing everyone who will not follow them.


There were a lot of characters being introduced in a little period of time and to be exact they are ten. They were largely forgettable. I found myself not caring about any of them and sourcing for the opponents. I believe that none of the artists had established sufficient camera time to create compassion with the viewers. And when the time came that they received screen time, the scenarios often presented other citizen, all of whom were typically blaring and chatting over each other, creating issues very confusing.

Slasher movie structure

youre nextThe cluster of nations in the villa and the assassin who keeps on coming in, well, you can surely guess. The major trouble I have with slasher films is their basic obsession on murdering, and it is nothing but homicide alone. Typically they refuse tough characters or subjects and rely on shameful joy. The Nightmare on Elm Street has Freddy, while the Halloween movie has Michael, now who does “You Next” have?

The murderers in the film initiating of darkness and strange but in each period, the film handle to ruin whatever was scary about them. This makes the film to no longer be frightening, but just an exercise in looking at these means of murdering people I think up of! And these are not very appealing habits at all.

Nevertheless, there is one thing that I did have fun regarding the film and it was about the murderer’s masks. Those were really cool. They were all included in the preview.

But aside from that, there were really very few attractions in the film. And I can sense that the troubles of this film are indicative much of the slasher films that are free out today. They think that just because they are slasher, films don’t have to be better films with very fine artists and subjects. Sorry to be a disappointment, but I’m an admirer of good films and maybe that is why I did not enjoy this film.

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