Yummy, 2019

The film is a Belgian horror comedy movie by director Lars Damoiseaux while it is co-written by Eveline Hagenbeek and Lars Damoiseaux himself. Yummy is their first ever Belgian zombie movie and it tells the story of the zombie outbreak that took place after the Belgian male-female duo and her mother that went to the hospital in Europe, on the Eastern side to have the plastic surgery. Hagenbeek and Damoiseaux had begun working on the movie script in November 2010.

Cast Lists

  • Maaike Neuville appeared as Alison
  • Stijn Van Opstal appeared as an-eyed zombie
  • Benjamin Ramon appeared as Daniel
  • Dimitri ‘Vegas’ Thivaios appeared as Dodgy surgeon
  • Clara Cleymans appeared as Janja
  • Noureddine Farihi appeared as the cleaner
  • Hannelore Vens appeared as the half intestine zombie lady
  • Isabelle van Hecke appeared as the Chemical peeling woman      
  • Taeke Nicolaï appeared as Oksana
  • Tom Audenaert appeared as William
  • Joshua Rubin appeared as Yonah
  • Louise Bergez appeared as Patient Zero
  • Annick Christiaens appeared as Sylvia
  • Eric Godon appeared as Dr. K.
  • Bart Hollanders appeared as Michael


The young couple travelled to the shady Eastern European hospice to have the plastic surgery. This young woman wanted a breast reduction. The mother came along for yet one more face-lift. Wandering by the abandoned zone the boyfriend stumbled upon the young woman, strapped and gagged and to the operating table; she is the outcome of experimental rejuvenation action. He freed her but does not realized she is patient zero and that he just set off an outbreak of the virus that may change the patients, the doctors, and the mother-in-law in the bloodthirsty zombies.

Writer’s Notion

The Belgian creators seemed to be going for some sort of tongue within the cheek joke title, however, in the an English language ‘yummy’ has some sort of the mushy, alienating word which almost turned the viewers while they are watching. There are so many people that are skipping right by the streaming service menu which could be the shame because it’s the funniest movie.

Here, Alison is tired with all those added attention she took to those totally oversized breasts so that she could travel to the renowned but a remote clinic of European plastic surgery to have some reduction. She is accompanied by Michael, her boyfriend, a medical school dropout because of his aversion to the blood who has been falling far shorter of his potential. Alison’s mother who is looking for a bit nip/tuck, while at the clinic, there was a creepy staff and some of the other patients that had included the local celebrity attempting to take some of the work done secretly. However, typical of prestige, if you saw the inner workings in the clinic, it does not live up into its reputation. Sadly, for some patients and those unwitting staff, that clinic is also performing some experimentations and the Zombie terror ensues.

It is probably a funnier flick for an average viewer, but the horror fans and particularly the Zombie fans must love it. When I will be fair enough and rate this with what it is. It can be seen that this is turning to be a classic one of the genre. There are still some lucky to catch this as part of the drive-in double-features in the Ft Lauderdale.

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