Z, 2019

The movie is a horror, mystery and a thriller film of Brandon Christensen as the director with himself and Colin Minihan as the writers.

Cast Lists

  • Keegan Connor Tracy appeared as Elizabeth Parsons       
  • Chandra West appeared as Georgia Cadere
  • Gerrick Winston appeared as Cop 2
  • Sara Canning appeared as Jenna Montgomery   
  • Deborah Ferguson appeared as Alice Montgomery
  • Stephen McHattie appeared Dr. Seager 
  • Sarah Munn appeared as the Young Beth
  • Sean Rogerson appeared as Kevin Parsons
  • Jayson Therrien appeared as Mr. Montgomery
  • Ali Webb appeared as Mrs. Hirsch
  • Kevin Doree appeared as Dad
  • Grace Christensen appeared as the Young Jenna
  • Jett Klyne appeared as Joshua Parsons
  • Luke Moore appeared as Z
  • Blaine Schlechter appeared as Cop 1
  • Fox Rose appeared as Daniel Cadere


When the Joshua, the eight years old descendant of Beth and Kevin develops a fantasy friend that he named as Z, and they think that it is just cute… But soon they realized just how mistaken they had been. Z became the terrible influence over Josh and their son who was innocent turned into someone that they barely identify. It is only then when Beth began to uncover her own past, where she discovered that Z, the new friend Josh, may not be that imaginary, after all.

Writer’s Notion

This is becoming a trend that there are more horror films created during the last few years. “Z” is one more film to add into that list and with the strong start which loses every sense of direction in the second half.

This “Z” had the bones of the strong movie though. Their main actress played her acting very genuine, and the acting interplayed with a child actor is very convincing. Nowadays, lots of kids in a horror movie get compared to a kid in “Babadook” and the child actor is none of that whiny sort. Joshua pulled off some great solo shots and “Z” looks great too. The director handles to pull out all things he may out of the budget, and produced the film with the direction and looks 5-10 times of that money that goes into it. With that personal sense deserved credit, the film looks and sounds incredible for the budget.

Wherein “Z” really starts to free its’ blot is in the way of the plot, particularly during the second half. During the start of the film that well, it has jumped terrors few and far among, depending more on the atmosphere. The jump frights, it does illustrate are decently done well. Most of all, those characters really act sane. They had been reacting to what really happened like actual people in the actual life could do, that is refreshing.

About the halfway pointed its slack its direction completely. It is a different movie, just like a director that switched out with somebody else. “Z” turned into cheap jumping scares galore, the role devolves into morons, then, the plot jump-off a path laid out through the primary half of a movie. This all ended during the final 20 minutes that was peering out from the hands over eyes, not from a horror but from their plot that is cringe.

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