Zombieland: Double Tap, 2019

The movie is an American zombie comedy horror film by director Ruben Fleischer with the writers Rhett Reese, David Callaham and Paul Wernick. This is the sequel to the 2009 Zombieland.

Cast Lists

  • Woody Harrelson appeared as Tallahassee, the trusted partner of Columbus.
  • Jesse Eisenberg appeared as Columbus, who survived, thanks to the strict group of rules.
  • Emma Stone appeared as Wichita, the hardened survivor that has been reluctant in settling down with Columbus.
  • Abigail Breslin appeared as Little Rock, rebellious younger sister of Wichita.
  • Rosario Dawson appeared as Nevada, the owner of the Elvis-themed motel.
  • Zoey Deutch appeared as Madison, the dumb blonde.
  • Luke Wilson appeared as Albuquerque, the Flagstaff’s partner whose has the personality that mirrors Tallahassee.
  • Avan Jogia appeared as Berkeley, the pacifist, whom the Little Rock pick-up.
  • Thomas Middleditch appeared as Flagstaff, the partner or Albuquerque who had his personal set of commandments to survive and whose personality mirror Columbus.


Ten years right after the incidents of the first movie, survivors Tallahassee, Little Rock, Columbus, and Wichita have become experts to identify and dispose the different zombies and then set up the new home in their abandoned White House. Then, Columbus chose to suggest to Wichita through the use of Hope Diamond, whereas Tallahassee rebuffs the Little Rock’s hopes in beginning her own family. During the next morning, he saw the notes from Wichita with Little Rock, who had left because of Little Rock sensing Tallahassee still deal with her like the child and Wichita’s feared she is really attached to Columbus.

After one month, while exploring inside the mall, Columbus has been startled by the ditzy blonde known as Madison, who had survived the Zombieland alone through the hiding majority of their time inside their freezer of the Pinkberry store. Madison rapidly annoyed Tallahassee, but Columbus invited her back to go to the White House, where these two had sex. Going back and finding Columbus had slept with Madison, then, Wichita explained that Little Rock had left for Graceland and with the pacifist from Berkeley, then, informed the team of more durable and agility “super zombies.” Fearing for this Little Rock’s safety, this team goes to Graceland in the rundown minivan.

On their way they encountered one of the super-zombies, which take multiple gunshots in killing, leading Columbus to call it as the “T-800” right after the franchise of the Terminator. Madison shows the signs of the “zombification,” obliging Columbus to head her into the jungle to shoot her. This group arrived at Graceland, but discovered it to be in ruins, which hugely upsets Tallahassee who had the best admirer of a King. But then, they located “the Beast,” Tallahassee’s tailored presidential limousine which had been stolen by the Little Rock, at the nearby Elvis-themed room. The place has been run by Nevada, and who revealed Little Rock took one more vehicle toward the Babylonians, the hippie commune. Bonding through the love of Elvis, Tallahassee and Nevada spend the night together.

Writer’s Notion

At first you can think that the movie was just for fun, but there will be this feeling of need to be watched again. The movie is one laugh out loud comic, film and zombie apocalypse movies aren’t where you expected to find laughs, however these had lots of them. There had been lots of laughter at the screening.

Zoey Deutch will steal the movie from you. She was a noticing, delightful, unexpected surprise. Playing as a dumb blonde is one hard act to perform that well without being an annoying one. Generally outside from one or two acting, but, the cliche is not adorable about the dumb blonde character, and she nails it at her best.

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