Only Lovers Left Alive, 2013

It is a fantasy comedy-drama movie of director and writer Jim Jarmusch. The movie concentrates on the romance of the two vampires, and had been nominated at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013.

Cast Lists

Tilda Swinton acted as Eve

Mia Wasikowska acted as Ava

Tom Hiddleston acted as Adam

White Hills acted as themselves

Slimane Dazi acted as Bilal

Anton Yelchin acted as Ian

Jeffrey Wright acted as Dr. Watson

John Hurt acted as Christopher Marlowe

Yasmine Hamdan acted as Yasmine


Married for centuries, then lived half of the world apart now. The two vampires awakened as the sun went down. Adam sat holding a lute, in the cluttered Detroit Victorian, when Eve wakes up, at Tangier, in her bedroom surrounded by books. Instead of feeding on human beings directly, they become dependent on the local suppliers of “good stuff,” for their fear of blood being contaminated by the twenty first century surroundings. Adam, still a popular musician, also feared exposure, visiting the local blood bank during the dead of the night in disguise being “Dr. Faust”, corrupting “Dr. Watson” for the coveted O negative. Then Eve relied on the old friend, the writer Christopher Marlowe, faked his passing in 1593 and lives now under the security of the protégé.

Despite being influenced the job of the countless scientists and famous musicians, Adam had been suicidal and withdrawn. His desire to connect again with his music is strange with the harm of identifying and also his contempt for a foolish and corrupt human he referred to as the ‘zombies’. He spent his days copying the compositions on the outdated studio equipment, then lamenting the modern world state, whilst gathering vintage instruments. He paid Ian, the naïve young musical fan, to obtain the vintage guitars and some other assorted curiosities, with the custom-made bullet made of wood with the brass case he thinks to use to kill him own self. Having acquired too much scientific knowledge through the years, Adam had built contraptions to put force to his home and the vintage sports vehicle with technology initially pioneered by the Nikola Tesla. His isolated nature added to his mystique of being a composer and a musician too.

Adam was upset when a few intrepid fans turned up over his doorstep. Ian promised to discreetly spread rumors about Adam living just elsewhere to make them away. Then Eve called, she recognizes Adam was despondent and decided to comfort him and come to Detroit. Soon after she came, Adam went out for some more blood, and then she discovered his revolver that was hidden beneath the bed with a wooden bullet. The vampire senses revealed to her that this bullet is new, then, she gets worried. Eve confronted Adam when he came back, chiding him for the wasted life and chances that he has to appreciate and enjoy the great things that the world will offer, and also their relationship. They are spending their evenings cruised the empty street of Detroit, playing chess and listening to music.

Writer’s Opinion

The movie is one of those breathtaking movies you can watch. Being a fan of those artistically styled movie, the whole movie is dark and quiet with the eerie sense of timelessness that will match the souls as mature as the time itself, Adam and Eve. The film centers about an eternal love, highlighting our modern world by the easy-going spirit and light of Eve and a tortured romantic Adam.

Regardless of being set in this modern day, it’s totally an unlike vampire movies of the recent times, presenting the visually beautiful tale of true romance. Artistic had been the epicenter of the movie. It is totally set in the evening so it has that soft half-light, sleeping in the empty, odd streets of Tangier and Detroit. The script had a minimal feel, handing over the impression that each word uttered is important, and also there had been some great instances of dark comedy being scattered throughout, and mixed with literary and cultural references and with philosophical observations. All things about it had been slow, perfected and measured, even down to a synchronized movement of Eve and Adam. The cast acting was stunning, with an exclusively adorable performance, and they carried the role of a suicidal vampire that had grown tired of disrepairs of humanity with the darkly sexy air. Swinton provided the light to the Hiddleston’s dark, giving the rescue during those darkest moments. There had been more contrast to the unpredictable and wild younger sister of Even, and also the worldly and wise Marlowe. The clash of the characters adds more charm of the style and the story.

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