Santa Claws, 1996

This slasher movie is also called ‘Tis the Season which is both directed and written by John Russo. The scream queen B-film actress here was stalked by her obsessed fan. This movie gives the insider’s view of about the challenges that the actresses and the actors are facing about the violent stalker fans plus it describes the downside part of being famous.

This is about the B-horror movie star who has been stalked by her deranged fan bent over claiming her to be for him.

Cast Lists

Debbie Rochon performed as Raven Quinn

Grant Kramer performed as Wayne

John Mowod


The tale of the movie is about the horror movie star, the actress who was known as Raven Quinn (Debbie Rochon). Right after her marriage did not succeed, she won the custody to look after her daughters and so she had to raise them alone. She felt fortunate that she saw a very good neighbor through the personality of Wayne (Grant Kramer). He provides the much needed emotional assistance and agreed on babysitting her two little daughters.

But, little does Raven is being aware of that Wayne has his share of killings when growing up and had now set his look on stalking her. Wayne had this altar that is packed with Raven’s photos and the mannequin that is resembled to Raven inside his home.

Wayne felt cheated that the co-worker of Raven is sharing her interest. Feeling jealous about it, Wayne killed the co-stars of raven one by one when he was dressed in his Santa Claus costume. The weapon that Wayne is using was a “claw”.

Writer’s Notion

The flick of this movie is pretty terrible because the killer is so intimidating and a laughable killer. Also, the acts of Debbie, who dances horribly to the bland stripper music, bad sound dubbing and very little gore is really not a good idea. But there are some good sides of this flick. The movie is a real cheesy one.

The movie is found to be somewhat fine and even better when you are going to compare it to some movies with multimillion dollar and big budget movies. It does have issues, like any other films, in fact, it has a lot. The modeling scenarios were all bland and just boring, and even the T&A gratuity photo shots that served no cause. The character of Wayne was poorly developed and made and somewhat funny.

Overall, this movie was filmed with less of the cost of the latest minivan, but, still it’s an ok film. Santa Claws is the collective best referred movie. It is insultingly bad as the actual movie, but exerted the morbid curiosity as the type of pseudo-documentary movie on the people’s lives being involved here. In this movie, the casts look like they had been shot in their personal Pittsburgh houses and place of work. The young ones are being represented by so many wannabe scream queens. John Mowod is chiefly memorable about his resemblance to mutually Sylvester Stallone and Paul McCartney, and should probably have sought out his career as the celebrity impersonator instead of being an actor. Santa Claws is set mainly at Scream Queens.

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