My Best Friend’s Exorcism, 2022

It is an American supernatural horror and comedy movie under the direction of Damon Thomas from the screenplay of Jenna Lamia, and this is based on the novel of similar same name in 2016 by Grady Hendrix.

Cast Lists

Elsie Fisher acted as Abby Rivers

Clayton Royal Johnson acted as Wallace Stoney

Christopher Lowell acted as Christian Lemon

Erin Ownby acted as Lemon’s mother

John Stoneburner acted as Mr. Rivers

Cathy Ang acted as Glee Tanaka

Rachel Leah Cohen acted as Mrs. Rivers

Cynthia Evans acted as Grace Lang

Michael Wayne Foster acted as Micah Lemon

Rachel Ogechi Kanu acted as Margaret Chisholm

Amiah Miller acted as Gretchen Lang

Michael Proctor acted as Jonah Lemon

Cameron Bass acted as Brother Morgan

Nathan Anderson acted as Pony Lang

Ashley LeConte Campbell acted as Sis. Kathleen


My Best Friend's Exorcism

In 1988, the high school sophomores Gretchen Lang and Abby Rivers are longtime best buddies. Gretchen will be moving away with the whole over the summer and this saddens Abby, however, Gretchen assured her they will have each other for always. Together with their buddies Glee Tanaka and Margaret Chisholm, Gretchen and Abby spend the weekend at the family lake house of Margaret. One evening, they all ingested LSD provided by Wallace Stoney, Margaret’s boyfriend and with an exception of Abby, going skinny-dipping at the lake. Then Margaret makes that insensitive comment regarding the acne of Abby, Abby walks away and Gretchen followed to comfort her.

Gretchen and Abby venture into the abandoned shack crosswise the lake where the ritualistic Satanic killing supposedly occurred. Inside, the sinister treelike thing with a solo massive eye scared both the girls and run. Abby saw their way out, whereas Gretchen was dragged away by the unseen force. Realizing that Gretchen isn’t with her, Abby rushed back to their shack with Glee and Margaret to look for Gretchen in a total state of trauma. Gretchen was upset that Abby had abandoned her.

My Best Friend's Exorcism

Back in school, Abby worried about the uncharacteristically aloof demeanor of Gretchen. During a performance of the Lemon Brothers, the trio of the Christian bodybuilders, a member, Christian, noticed Gretchen’s ghoulish appearance. During the past few days, Gretchen continued to behave erratically, buckshot vomiting while having lunch and urinating inside the trash bin while in their class. Abby drove to the house of Gretchen to check her. Gretchen’s father doesn’t want her to go out of the house, but then she ignored him and jump over the car of Abby. As they were on their way, a distraught Gretchen revealed that ever since that day that “HE” attacked her in that abandoned shack, “HE” had been visiting and also watching her almost every night.

Writer’s Opinion

My Best Friend's Exorcism

The movie is a take on the generations of typical scare genre, the case of exorcism, girls coming of the age flirting with their Ouija board, a pajama party where caretakers will take the late night bar trip, leaving the teens alone at home and devil worship.

It is also the sting of irony over elaborating anorexia, in the more or a less sugarfree story, and with not that much above average drama from the well known female casting, and as the innocent pupil of the catholic high school, where they swear unfairly far too much and the problems of sexuality.

The dressing script and the code are without a doubt written and being sewn together by those people that has not lived during the 1980’s, the greatest hit should be the dedicated music score and some moments of the actual fright but not sufficient for the grumpy old people. It might also well stay out the silver screen cinemas since it lacks the mind and the heart of the 80’s.

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