Dampyr, 2022

This is an English-language Italian horror fantasy movie of director Riccardo Chemello, from the comic series of Dampyr published through Sergio Bonelli Editore. This is the initial installment of BCU or Bonelli Cinematic Universe, the shared universe between television and movie projects through Bonelli Entertainment, the division of the Sergio Bonelli Editore. The movie adaptation of Dampyr had been announced through Sergio Bonelli Editore in Lucca Comics and Games in 2018.

The Cast Lists

Wade Briggs performed as Harlan Draka / Dampyr

Sebastian Croft performed as Yuri

Aura Calarasu performed as old Aysha

Ionut Grama performed as Stefan

Stuart Martin performed as Emil Kurjak

David Morrissey performed as Gorka

Oliver Lepadatu performed as the young Harlan

Alexandra Poiana performed as Vivien

Simina Siminie performed as old Vivien

Madalina Bellariu Ion performed as Velma

Andreea Coff performed as Chloe

Florin Fratila performed as Dejan

Frida Gustavsson performed as Tesla Dubcek

Radu Andrei Micu performed as Lazar

Alice Cora Mihalache performed as Aysha

Claudia Negroiu performed as old Chloe

Luke Roberts performed as Draka

Story Outline

Harlan Draka is the Dampyr, half-vampire and half-human, but he does not know it. Soon then he can have to face by himself about his powers of destroying the awful Master of The Evening.

Writer’s Observation

You will surely love this movie. It had that feeling of the old school vampire movie. Hopefully people will criticize for themselves so that maybe they will make another one. This had some really great celebrities in it, plus the movie is English speaking one. The plot is good and if they only made more, then the audience will take more from the story. When your preferred horror sub genre will be Vampires, then you need to watch this movie. David Morrissey played his best as the wicked vampire. Dampyr didn’t disappoint the viewers. This also had the lead from a new spin off sequence of viking Valhalla. Do not miss out over this dark fantasy.

If you are going to see the trailer of this film, you will surely get intrigued. It is the type of movie that you will enjoy in general. It has fight scenes, vampire theme, and such. However, when these kinds of films are made outside the United States then releases VOD, usually they are cheap and it will show. However, this one really came out just pretty decent. Yes its sets are from the old Eastern Europe of rural places so there is nothing really fancy here and the guns, costumes, etc are not exactly the great looking one you will see, but the actions are well filmed and their CGI effects had not been worn-out. The French dub edition gave some modest acting in general, also the characters even tough not mainly complex were just fine.

The movie doesn’t take that much time building itself and even though it is set in a few war set-ups you will not have that idea of what the actual war it has been and even the film uses more as the pretext to have the characters there instead of having importance to the story. Overall for an evening movie date with some beers, this one will give their job pretty fine.

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